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Recently, a precious gal reached out to me on Instagram. She was struggling, and I thought her struggle and my response might be helpful to all of us.

Hi! Wanted to ask for some advice. I really really want to get back into my Bible. I miss journaling but never seem to have time… I feel guilty about not journaling in my Bible.

My response:

So here’s the deal… you can get in the Word without Bible journaling. There are so many ways — and God just wants time with you!

If Bible journaling is a way that connects you at a deeper level, I understand. However, sometimes it can seem to take so much time.
First – you can be in the Word

  • through a devotional
  • through reading a chapter or verse a day
  • listening to the Bible read to you through a Bible app like YouVersion

In each of these ask the Lord to highlight something for you to meditate on through the day.

  • Talk to Him, but more importantly, listen to Him.
  • turn off the radio, tv or other noise and ask for Him to speak.
  • write those words down and ask for clarity and confirmation as needed.
    Bible journal once a week something that really spoke to you through the week.
    Consider setting “rails” as Shanna calls it.

For example, I’m finishing a 12 entry series on a topic I chose. Women in the Bible who made their mark.
Once a week, I dig in and journal. But – all the pages look similar because I’m using the same stamps, paint, washi and tabs. This makes it quick and easy to document what I’ve learned.

I hope that helps! I feel often we feel the need to make an elaborate Bible page when in reality we just need to connect with Him. And we can do that without a stamp, paint, or sticker. And trust me, Shanna would say the same (I’ve heard her share that message!).
Hugs and thanks for reaching out.


Girls, let’s give ourselves grace. Being with the Lord in the Word is precious. And for many Bible Journaling has offered a way to do this for the first time. But, it’s not the only way.

I can go days without Bible Journaling, but when I go days without an infusion of the Lord through His Word, I know it. I feel the void. So I have to find a balance. I don’t make it to my crafty space each day, but I’m intentional about making it to time with the Lord.

Ask the Lord how He wants to spend time with you. He knows your season and His whispers are sweet and provide just what we need.


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  1. Grace! Yes, please. Great words of encouragement Tonya. When we make it too complicated and too big of a production, we tend to not get it done and then we allow guilt to consume us. Thanks for the sweet reminders that it’s all about time in the Word with Him.

    Thank you for what you do!

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