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Allowing for But God Moments

On my wedding day, I was an idyllic bride. The planning and dreaming came together in one evening as a beautiful collision.

Then came marriage.

And bills. And debt. And babies. And ….

As I journey through Jen Weaver’s book A Wife’s Secret to Happiness, I’m reminded of the ways I’ve tried to mold our marriage into my version of best. Along the way, I’ve cried out to God about any number of things that haven’t gone according to my plan. Jen calls those “Buuut Gawwd” moments.

My Buuut Gawwd list prevents a But God shift in my marriage.

~Jen Weaver, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness

Wow. Just wow. I love the “But God” moments sprinkled throughout Scripture. They expose how God will sometime step in when all seems hopeless.  However, being a stickler for adhering to my plans has created far more “Buuut Gawwd” moments.

That prideful attitude was the downfall of too many in the Bible. I don’t want my behavior to be my destruction as well. In my marriage, in my parenting, in my friendships, in my ministry.

When I read the chapter of Jen’s book titled, “Confident Expectation,” I shifted uncomfortably. After almost 24 years of marriage, I need to reevaluate some things, a lot of things. God has given me this relationship as a gift. But I haven’t always viewed it with the awe and wonder, the respect, or the treatise that it is.

How I live as a wife is less about my relationship with my husband and more about my relationship with my Savior.

~Jen Weaver, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness

And so, I look to the One who gave me this gift. I will allow Him to strip away more of me, my plans and expectations, and cover me with more of His.



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