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Change Your World – Be Bold & Pray

Dear friends, I’m so excited to share this new series with you! Make sure you get the first installment while it’s FREE. (After 1/13/18, it will be $3.)

Let me give you a story behind the devotional series.

Pink Impact 2017

{Pink Impact is the annual conference for our women’s ministry at Gateway Church.}

It all started in 2016. I know it says 2017, but here’s the thing … for many years I have had the honor of joining a team of amazing ladies praying in advance for Pink Impact. We began meeting in the fall of 2016 once a month until 8 weeks before the conference. Then we gathered weekly. We prayed for the conference, for the women, for the speakers, for the worship team, for the venue, for all the technology and tech team, for the volunteers, for logistics not many know of, for the downtown Ft. Worth area, and many other ways God would lead us for this two-day event.

And before each time we met, I prayed about which woman in the Bible to journal. I was focusing on those women who changed their world through their boldness. (Our conference theme was “Make Your Mark.”)

Twelve Entries Later

After months of praying, we joined thousands of ladies to worship the Lord, seek the Lord, and be challenged to make our mark in our world. During the session I spent in the intercessory prayer room, I pulled out my messy Bible and turned to each page prayed over and journaled for the conference. I prayed for women in the arena to “Be bold and …”

And do you know what? God moved. Yes, in the hearts of the women, because that’s what He does when each of us cries out to Him. But also in me. I couldn’t let these women go. Their messages cry out from the pages of Scripture. Be Bold, Sister. Change your world.

The Devotional Series

Each month, we will visit with our GAL-friends (Greatly Anointed Ladies). She’ll give us a little glimpse into her story and how she changed her world. And here’s my hope and my heart … open the pages of your Bible, read her whole story. Soak in the culture of her day. Allow the Lord to reveal new things to you from her life. And BE BOLD.

At the end of 2018, you will have a collection of 12 devos, and maybe you will have journaled some. But above all, I pray you will have learned the secrets these women whisper in your ear. And in changing your world, you will find the Lord has changed you.

The Artist

Did you notice we have a new artist? Emily Karwoski designed the stamp set I used throughout my journaling last year (an old Illustrated Faith one that is no longer available). So I was tickled pink when Shanna proposed her as the artist for this series. I’m excited to see how you use her beautiful artwork and lettering as you journal.

And There’s More …

When you download these monthly devotionals, you are reading a tiny bit of what I’ve learned from these GAL-friends. And often only one example of the topic. There so much more! I’m just going to go ahead and write this here so y’all can hold me accountable – k? There will be a book. Whew. I said it. A book with more content for each topic, more GAL-friends, discussion questions, and maybe even a small group guide.

So I need your prayers – you know the BOLD ones ;). My daughter Ashley came home from classes today and shared a nugget of wisdom from her professor and amazing worship leader Rita Springer, “You will be attacked in your calling. If you’re called to encourage, the enemy will bring discouragement.” For Rita being a worship leader is the role in which she is able to bring encouragement to others. (Have you listened to her latest album “Battles”? You will be encouraged!)

The Lord has called me to minister specifically to women in growing their relationship with God through Scripture and prayer. And friends, I already am feeling the attack. The distractions and interruptions and pitiful excuses that keep me from what I love. His Word – both written and spoken.

A Message of Boldness

As you begin this series, I want to leave you with a message that made me giggle a little at how thematic God can be 🙂 This week, our church is having our annual conference called F1RST Conference. Monday evening, Nick Hall brought a message on boldness and wow – just wow! (Honestly, all the speakers are amazing, so binge on some good teaching!) You can watch his message (and the others too) on this page: F1RST 2018

Thank you for your encouragement and your support!

10 thoughts on “Change Your World – Be Bold & Pray”

  1. Wow! Just wow!! I’m so excited for your book. I’ll be on the sidelines here praying for you my friend!!

  2. A book! Yes a book! Tonya, yes!! I can’t wait to read it! I can’t wait to learn more from you. You are such a blessing…Journaling with you, watching your periscopes, reading your Devo’s, your blog, your Instagram posts. I just am so excited for you!! Yes!!

  3. Oh how exciting!!! To see all that the Lord has laid on your heart concerning these GAL-friends come together into a complete project will be so rewarding and such an encouragement. Praying that as you step out in boldness that you are surrounded by the encouragement of the Lord. So excited for you!!

  4. Oh sweet Tonya – I’m praying that all those distractions and attacks will just stop! So excited to hear God has called you to put this material in a book form as well as the monthly devotions. Wow! May He guide you all the way to completion!

  5. Tonya, you are an amazing woman of God! I am so excited to go through life side by side with you! God is going to multiply your impact on women around the world in 2018! I love you forever and always!

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