Encouragement Dare

Each day we are gifted with opportunities to encourage – from a word spoken or written to grand displays of encouragement.

Yesterday, I was encouraged by some sweet ladies as we all watched my friend Marissa (@besavedbygrace) on her Instagram Story Live. I’m sure they did not realize how much I needed to read their words.

But you know what I’ve learned along the way? Sometimes, we can be amazing givers, but pitiful receivers. So while we are called to encourage, let’s examine our hearts about how well we accept those words or gifts. If we find there is a struggle, we may also discover difficulty in receiving the forgiveness and kindness of the Lord.

So on this day, the National Day of Encouragement, let’s be incredible givers, but also receive with grace. As I’ve been known to say, “Smile and say, ‘Thank You.'”


As you may know, my oldest daughter left to work in the mission field in Africa a month ago. I purchased this perpetual calendar and asked friends and family to write notes on whichever day they wanted to send her a little hug.

Each day she reads a little note or sees a picture to remind her how much we love her and are praying for her.

To help us spread kindness like confetti, DaySpring has a fun challenge. The Encouragement Dare. You can sign up HERE, shop the BOGO HERE, and check out the BOGO Boxed cards HERE with coupon code SHAREJOY (coupon for cards).

When you sign up for the Encouragement Dare, you’ll receive FREE resources to get you started. And if you post on social media, use #encouragementdare.




2 thoughts on “Encouragement Dare”

  1. I watched Michael and his Sunday’s guest visit at Gateway and it seems his message was along these lines. We all need to be more obedient on both the giving and receiving ends – I thought that was huge….like you, being on the receiving end is not always easy and asking for help is not either when you are a giver. Love you friend and I will go back and try to see the post you are referring too. (Did you change your periscope time from 4pm to morning?) <3 Diana

    1. Hi Diane!
      Yes! Michael Jr shared beautifully on the aspect of receiving 💜. So thankful for his comedic message this past weekend at Gateway!
      I have moved my Periscope time to Tuesday mornings at 11 am CDT. This time works better with my youngest daughter’s school schedule 🙂
      Blessings friend!

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