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Light Bulb Moments

In March at the LifeWay in Hurst, Texas, we had fun with lightbulb stencils. Any verse about light would work well for this page, but I recommended these for my LifeWay girls:

  • Matthew 5:14-16
  • John 8:12
  • John 9:5
  • John 12:46

Check out my student’s amazing work!


After searching for a great image to use, I came across this website: Bronson Design. I ran the picture through a filter app on my phone (SketchGuru), which gave me a line image. After cropping the image into two pieces, I cut the bulbs out and also made a template for the top of the bulb. That’s a whole lot of work for a single page. So, unless you’re teaching a class on stenciling, you would want to trace the image or use graphite paper to transfer the image.

MessyBible stencil
We learned a few things both in the classes and on Periscope where I shared this Monday.

  • Clear Wink of Stella is our friend and doesn’t bleed through. It not only activates watercolor pencils, it adds beautiful shimmer.
  • Any other color of Wink of Stella will bleed through if we saturate the page. Which is so tempting because of the amazing shimmer! Look at the close up of my bulbs below. I was very light handed and didn’t fill the entire bulb in, therefore no bleed through with the gold. I did notice bleed through with the black, so I didn’t bring it to class.
  • You can use colored pencils or any kind of water soluble medium to color in the lightbulbs, tops, and cords. On Periscope, we found that the black watercolor crayon from Lyra completely bled through! I was shocked y’all.

MessyBible light bulbs

Fun Fact: There’s another shimmer pen in town!

While I did not share the Spectrum Noir Clear Sparkle pens in class or on Periscope, I had the opportunity to try out the clear pen recently. While traditional Spectrum Noir pens are alcohol ink, I’m not convinced the Sparkle pens are alcohol ink. What is alcohol ink? Think permanent marker like Sharpie. Not an ink we typically use in Bible Journaling because of the bleed through.

If I find out definitively one way or the other, I will update this info. And if you know – comment below!

On Periscope, I was asked about my water container. Click HERE for then Amazon link. My only dislike is the holes are too small for my 1″ flat brush.

Enjoy creating lightbulbs in your Bible and remembering that not only is Jesus the Light of the World, He has called us lights as well. So, let your light shine!

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