Missionary to Burundi – Emily Hamilton

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At around 6 years old, I told my parents that I felt God was calling me to be a missionary.  As I grew older, I learned more about my gifts and as a teenager, I began serving in the video department of our church. I thought this might be the way God chose to have me serve in the mission field, but 9 months ago everything changed.

When questioned where I would want to go on a missions trip, I quickly responded, “Africa to work in an orphanage.” Then in November of 2016, I was able to join a team from our church to work with a ministry in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each day, I was drawn to the people of Africa. To their need for Jesus and for basic needs. When I returned home, I felt I left a piece of my heart on that continent.

I had the opportunity to meet with a lady from our church who is from South Africa. She and her family have also been called to serve the people of Africa. During our meeting, I learned about The Cries of a Child in Burundi and knew this is where I needed to be. Through orphanage homes and their clinic, they share the love of Jesus as they minister to their physical needs.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this ministry. While there, I will homeschool the missionary children and learn the native language. And because God is so creative, I will be using my technical skills to help the ministry too.

Initially, the plan is for me be there for at least the school year, possibly coming back to my home in Texas next summer. We will be praying for clear understanding from the Lord as I move forward in the calling He has for me.

How you can help:

  • Prayer
    • Health and safety while living in Burundi
    • Transitioning away from home
    • Opportunities to share the love of Jesus
    • Patience as I teach, and for myself as I learn the language
  • Financially
    • Below you can find information on how to donate through the ministry. 
    • My monthly expenses will be about $400, and I will not be earning an income during my time there
    • Additional expenses of airfare, visas, and other costs associated with transitioning to a new country and returning home next summer

Thank you so much for your interest in donating to The Cries of a Child on my behalf. Because we are a small organization, there are a couple of steps to make sure the donation is earmarked for me.

Donations can be made through our website at https://thecriesofachild.org/donate/

Once you’ve completed your donation, please email Kelly Thoene at:                                        kelly (at) thecriesofachild (dot) org with the following information

  • your name
  • the amount of donation
  • designating it to Emily Hamiton (otherwise, it will not be separated out for me)
  • carbon copy me at: emily.mission2017 (at) gmail (dot) com 

If you would like to receive a prayer card, email your address to emily.misssion2017 (at) gmail (dot) com and my mom will drop one in the mail to you!

If your donation will be recurring monthly, you only need to email Kelly Thoene the first month and let her know it will be recurring. If you choose to end your monthly recurring donation, please email Kelly Thoene a month prior to discontinuing your donation to allow time to stop the recurrence process.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

God bless!

Emily Hamilton