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The Call for Community

Have you seen my roll call posts on Instagram and Facebook?

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At the beginning of my Periscope, Monday, April 24th, I shared the purpose behind these posts: community. Stalk these posts and reply to ladies who may be close to you. Let’s undermine the enemy’s plan to lure us into isolation. We can combat the lies saying, “There are no other Bible Journalers in my area,” by finding and creating community. Perhaps there isn’t a group in your area, but you could be just the person to start one.

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by thoughts that if I start a group, I have to teach. Or we have to meet weekly. Or I’ll have to clean my house. (I’m there too, girls! The laundry is threatening to take over my living room!)

Instead, what about this?

  • no one teaches, but you watch a YouTube tutorial together
  • each person journals what is on their heart
  • meeting once a month
  • gathering with a few girls at the local coffee shop, library, or your church

Does that spur some ideas? Let’s not complicate community. It’s surprising how much happens in our hearts when we simply gather.

If however, you’re encouraged to lead a group or class, be sure to check out this resource.

Ready? Set. Community!

1 thought on “The Call for Community”

  1. Tonya, I’m so inspired but what you wrote here! For months and months I’ve been waning in my desire to bible journal, trying to pull together some sort of community on Instagram, etc. (I have found a loving community who also uses Instagram and I enjoy it in a different way)
    I have tried to talk to people about it with very little response. I talked to the Lord about it a lot, wondering, “do I just put it down, and discontinue trying?”
    THEN! GOD! Oh, my goodness, it’s been such a wonderful blessing even in the last month, to have even just ONE friend join me for a beautiful time in God’s word, bible journaling and of course drinking the very much desired caramel macchiato. Macciato? Machiato? ANYWAY, it’s such a big thing to me to be able to share with someone in my area. And guess what… I think it’s going to grow.
    After a post yesterday of my set up for the session at my home, I got a couple responses that seemed pretty positively, “I want to play!” I am so excited!
    I’m so driven to continue with this. I need to be patient. I need to wait on God with anticipation, but not put Him in the box I’m so inclined to putting Him in. (Sorry for ending with a preposition)
    I’m just so thrilled to be able to do this with friends – it truly does matter to have community that you can fellowship with as we pour over the Word and glean from its beauty!
    I’m so excited. I already said that. I love you darling dear, and pray for you!

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